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Swedish Massage

Promotes relaxation. Aids in reducing muscle tension, relieves aches and pains, improves circulation, and stimulates the nervous system.

30 min     $45.00

60 min     $70.00

90 min     $95.00


Deep Tissue Massage

Releases chronic muscular tension and pain caused by trauma, repetitive injuries, post surgical scarring, and poor posture.

30 min    $45.00

60 min    $95.00

90 min    $115.00


Prenatal Massage

Reduces swelling and back and neck pain. Improves muscle tone and stimulates the circulatory system.

30 min     $45.00

60 min     $80.00


Oncology Massage

Relaxation for those suffering from trauma with cancer. Nurturing and caring touch. Reduces stress and anxiety. 

30 min     $45.00

60 min     $70.00


Massage with Hot Stones

Heated stones are used during massage. The heat from the stones allows this work to go deeply, releasing toxins and tension.

30 min     $45.00

60 min     $90.00



100% therapeutic essential oils used for soothing and therapeutic properties. It restores the body's natural resilience  to viruses, infections, and fatigue, in addition to curing disorders like headaches and chronic illness.

Add $5.00 to any service.



Reflex points on the feet that correspond to organs and glands in the body are gently pressed and massaged, improving circulation and balancing the body's organs.                                               

30 min     $35.00

45 min     $50.00                            


Reiki/Energy Healing

The purpose is to supply the body with additional energy which it can use for healing itself. Reiki helps us to replenish and add to our energy and, in this way, helps to create a healthy body.                                                               

30 min     $40.00

45 min     $55.00                                


Infrared Sauna LED(light-emitting diode) Therapy

LED therapy is one of the most popular treatments in the medical industry. Also referred to as infrared therapy and photo-therapy, it is a non-invasive procedure that promotes the body's natural healing process. When color is dispersed throughout the sauna it creates a unique energy with the proven ability to heighten or alter an individuals mood.

Infrared helps to get rid of toxins from the body and improves muscle & joint pain, increases circulation, helps to burn calories, improves the immune system, and strengthens the cardiovascular system

30 Min     $35.00

Set of 5(30 Min)   $135.00                        


Hydrating Wrap or Body Scrub

While you relax, your body is exfoliated with a soft brush and moisture rich cream is applied. Your body is then loosely wrapped for 20 minutes leaving your skin silky smooth, and then a choice of being pampered with a scalp massage or foot massage.

Body Scrub  helps to  remove all the dead skin and expose a supple layer of younger skin, making you feel fresh and rejuvenate.

50 min     $95.00

Seaweed Wrap

Sea Kelp for metabolic stimulation, nutrient-rich Klamath Blue-Green algae to help hydrate and detoxify the body, nourish, rejuvenate and help heal the skin.

50 Min      $95.00

Combination with 1/2 hour Massage

Hydrating wrap or Seaweed Wrap

1.5hrs  $135.00

Crystal Bed Healing

I, Anna am truly blessed to have been given permission by John of God on February 2017 to be a Crystal Bed Practitioner and to offer crystal bed sessions.

What is Crystal Bed Therapy?

The concept of a Crystal Bed, was channeled through John of God by the spiritual healing Doctors. The Crystal Healing Bed balances your chakras (energy centers) and raises your vibration with color, light and powerful crystals. The chakra is cleansed and energized allowing the other aspects of our self, whether it be mental, emotional, or physical to be brought into balance. The "Crystal Bed" cleanses, balances and recharges the body's energy and creates a deep relaxation.

30 min $40

45 min $55

60 min $75

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